The Hero’s Journey

Imagine you’re the hero in one of your favorite movies. In a hero’s journey the character sets out from his home to learn, grow and “get beat up” from life experiences. The hero faces villains along the way and overcomes many obstacles.

The hero then comes home and helps everyone around him.

The Pandemic has made us all travel the hero’s journey. It’s never one filled with all happiness or sadness, but generally a struggle ensues. One that causes stress, pain and some level of suffering. Maybe it’s disappointments from events being canceled. Maybe it’s loneliness taken to a whole new level.

What about loss of income? Not enough work or too much work?

Maybe it’s loss and the grief which comes with it.

My message to you is remember the hero inside of you. Focus on your strengths and remember what it was like to get through a difficult time. How did you make it? Who helped you? What type of attitude did you have?

A hero learns from setbacks as much as he learns from successful ventures.

Remember in the movies the hero always wins in the end. The villains are defeated and those who are vulnerable are lifted up.

In our situation the hero has not yet returned home. We are still fighting battles and pushing back the foes.

We make it with a one day at a time approach. Deep breaths and healthy distractions. We make it one step at a time. Sometimes we have to crawl. Sometimes we are injured.

But the hero always makes it home.

You are a hero. This is your journey.

Wishing you well,

Amy Gamble

11 thoughts on “The Hero’s Journey

  1. Really relate to this message. I feel like my friends are my heroes especially you Amy and Terry too. I have grown so much reading on Facebook and really listening. Good luck in all you do. May Gods love surround you!

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