Wellness Journey: Knowledge is Power

We can’t change, evolve, and grow if we don’t have knowledge. There are many places to find information these days, but the key is connecting to positive and trustworthy sources of information. Bad information from unworthy sources can divert us from our life path and if we aren’t careful cause almost irreparable harm.

I began my true Wellness Journey 12 years ago. There were always challenges and setbacks for me, but in 2008 my world as I knew it collapsed. I entered a period of deep physical, emotional and spiritual challenge as I had never experienced before.

There were several catalysts that brought me to where I ended up. It was as if I had attracted all the forces of negativity and darkness. Their influences on me would overwhelm my ability at the time to cope.

Even in my moments of mental instability I was able to realize what I was experiencing was an upheaval. I had faith that one day I would recover and find healing. My intuition and faith led me to purchase a video camera and capture what I was experiencing.

For around forty-five days in a row and then periodically over the years, I recorded myself and by doing so I now have a snapshot in time which is rich with insights for whomever I choose to share the information with. It demonstrates how far I have traveled on this journey and what is possible for others who may find themselves in a similar position.

Getting to where I am today would not have been possible without acquiring knowledge. I’ve been blessed with many people who have showed up on my path with something to teach me. I’ve learned from reading, studying, teaching others about mental health and speaking.

Every talk I gave, phone call I took, message I responded to and moments I had to reflect, are treasure troves filled with lessons to be able to take this information and help others.

The greatest gift is a transfer of knowledge. Without it – we have no roadmap to navigate our way. The more exposure we have, the easier things become.

Those who are “in the know” hold the keys for others. Whether we choose to give our keys is a personal choice.

Knowledge can be found in many places and forms. It is important to be aware of how what we are learning will help us stay true to ourselves, promote our wellness, ensure our safety and good health and be shared from a place of good intention.

I have learned to gauge everything that comes my way and I try not to judge as positive or negative. Because at the end of the day what I do with the insights I have gained can only help me evolve as a person.

As I move further along my own path of healing and good health, I will continue to share what I know to be true. One of my hopes is to make someone else’s journey a little easier.

Knowledge is the foundation of wellness and everyone deserves to be well.

Kind Regards,

Amy Gamble

4 thoughts on “Wellness Journey: Knowledge is Power

  1. Amy I have tried hard to be single minded. It’s been a battle, but I’m getting there. And like you said knowledge helps get you there. Ty for your blog post it really hits home!

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